Customized Corporate Training

The founder of JAX, Fu-Hao Liu (Jax), has spent over thirty years devoting himself in professional athletics experience and research. With his spirit to thrive continuously, Jax hopes to share countless stories of how he’d worked hard to accomplish what he set out to do through establishing JAX Academy. By sharing his story, he aims to explore the reasons behind success and failure within individuals and groups. He hopes to provide inspiration and motivation to corporates, and influence supervisors and employees with the perseverance, persistence of sticking to one’s dreams and team spirit of a professional athlete. Our training programs can be fully customized to suit your organization’s needs.

Values JAX Wishes to Convey

We will guide you to understanding how to analyze the nature of matters. We also aim to provide you ways to increase your higher-level thinking. With these skills, you’ll be able to think clearer for better decisions. Whether it's life, work, entrepreneurship or exploring, JAX Academy can provide you with the secrets to success and thrive with you.

Comprehensive Lessons and Training


Experience sharing of an
abundant career


Promoting sports and leisure industry


Lecture on motivating oneself


Lecture on the attitude of
pursuing dreams


Engaging in youth education

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Previous Talks in School Clubs

Custom Lectures and Recommended Audiences

🔸Custom corporate lectures

🔸Employee training programs

🔸Custom group lectures

in various domains

🔸School and organization lectures

🔸Individual training or

small group courses

Fields of Lesson and Training 

🔸 Exploring the nature

behind matters

🔸 Increasing higher-level thinking

🔸 Enhancing the ability of


🔸 Exploring dreams and

setting life goals

🔸 Coping with failures

and frustration

🔸Maximizing potential in

particular domains

🔸Successful leadership experiences

🔸Team cohesiveness training

🔸Supervisor and employee training

🔸Benefiting from entertaining competition and game

Forms of Lesson

🔸 Lectures

🔸 Interactive talks

🔸 Games and competitions

🔸 Static/ dynamic training

and assessment

🔸 Other customized activities

Conditioning Training Lessons for Special Parties

🔸Indoor and outdoor professional static/dynamic physical and conditioning training

🔸 Establishing the corporate’s or employee’s exercise habits to improve overall health conditions

🔸 Enhancing individual’s and group’s mobility and mentality

🔸 Customizable programs based on your available space

and preference

🔸 Long-term programs are available for registration

 Course Location

🔸Taiwan and overseas

Registration Notes

Registration is required for all types of lessons and events.
Themes, time and location are available for negotiation.
Charges will be calculated after discussing the details.

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need any further information 
regarding custom lectures 
or activities, please contact 
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Our Mission :

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