JAX has dedicated more than thirty years of his life and experience in studying baseball. He has trained for countless days. On the path of improvement and self-evolvement, JAX continues to ponder on the essence and mechanisms of the different layers of life. He has then discovered the subtlety of the mechanisms within the universe. With that, he put together the ways and knacks of his discoveries and further shares them with others. He supports students on their path of self-growth and helps build foundational concepts within the operations of business groups. This will allow elements of sportsmanship and practical training become roots to both micro and micro perspectives of this sport,further guiding people to reach a higher quality of decision-making.

JAX has launched a variety of training and guidance workshops since 2016. The academy not only instructs the most direct physical and mental sports techniques, but also offers customized courses tailored to the needs of diverse groups. As an instructor, JAX provides the most effective and professional assistance from individual learning to positive operations of groups and teams.Finding the most essential operation mode between a team and oneself.Delivering means of positive cycles for existence and behavior.

JAX-Academy-形象圖-(改稿4版)-完稿轉曲-深色底(1)The True Existence of High Quality

Awakening the Essence

With the rapid development of science and technology, people pursue efficiency and simplicity, but often ignore the underlying origin and purposes of essence. JAX Academy will assist you in finding and confirming the roots and meaning of essential operational purposes. If you also think that the top and broadest existence of human beings is not for profit and achievement, but for the enjoyment of beneficial interactions among the universes, you are just the right partner to explore and learn with us.

Core Elements of JAX Academy


Essence / Awakening / Selflessness / Joy


Analyzing and understanding the original structure of all matter to the element and essence level reveal and clarify the origins and the possible operation modes of them. With further assessment of tangible and intangible mechanisms and ideology, a higher level of choice can be thought out. Examples of such can be represented by the presence of atoms and quantum. They are possibly the smallest units after things are divided. Understanding the macro and micro dimensions of things, and their relationship with one another, is the primary choice of perceiving high-level essence and the operation of the universe.


Realizing the importance of “essence,” the interaction between every matter of the universe is connected.After elevating the height and broadness of one’s level of understanding, one will be able to achieve “awakening” – a stage of being able to have clarity of the idea of “essence” ! The high-level instinct of acknowledging the “essence” in every matter has now been awakened !


Once this instinct of detecting “essence” has been awakened, the essential operational mode can be brought into play by lowering the self- or group-consciousness – a product of the evolving generations.Instead, the concept of “selflessness” will eliminate the obstruction affected by consciousness and bring out the ability to view “essence” as an instinct !


Finally, after “awakening” to the essence of all matter and perceiving the usage of the created instinct,one should feel the spirt of “joy.” With this enjoyment, one will be able to exert positive energy for creation and truly accept all results, whether they are positive or negative. With this enjoyment, one will be able to experience the macro and micro, logical and abstract aspects of all matters in the universe.Every moment, the processes, and the results, of each task will be done and embraced with true pleasure and joy 


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