Custom Lessons for 
Diverse Athletics

Jax’s knowledge on sports and his career experience provides him the opportunity to be well acquainted with the structure of the human body and the very nature of the technique in sports. With his devotion to research and hands-on experience with training, Jax is able to have a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the whole body and mind to develop suitable training plans for those who wish to keep fit and those aiming to become professional athletes. We will help you gain the ability of making the best judgements through our “nature-based” training methods.

 Guidance for
diverse athletics


Physical and mental fitness
training and conditioning for
professional athletes


Pursuing a life of
fitness and growth


Breaking through the barriers of
one’s physical and mental health


Challenging and maximizing
one’s potential

 Fields of
Lesson Topics

🔸Establishing the proper habit of
 exercising for the general public

🔸Fitness and exercise for kids 

and teenagers to enhance their 
growth and development

🔸Ways to improve

 athletic performance

🔸Proper training mentality

and the logic of nature for
 professional athletes

🔸Strength training, increasing

 muscular flexibility, joint angles
 and explosive power

🔸Increasing velocity, agility,

 coordination, and flexibility

🔸The awareness of the operating 

 physiological and psychological 
nature of athletics

🔸Improving the functional state
 of an athletic life

Custom Lessons for
Diverse Athletics are
Available for

🔸Both Male and female

🔸Athletes engaged in different 

sport disciplines

🔸Professional athletes, the 

general public, students, etc.

🔸People who are prone

to athletic injuries

🔸Those in need of a post-injury 

work-out plan

🔸Those who wish to extend 

their sports career

Age Requirements

🔸Elementary school 

( For other age groups, please contact us for more information )

 Lesson Plans

🔸Single lesson

🔸Long-term package lessons 

 with development plans

Individual Lessons
/ Group Lessons

🔸One-on-one lessons

🔸Small group lessons 
 with 2-5 people

🔸Small group lessons 

with 5-10 people

🔸Large group lessons 

with 10-20 people

 Course Location

🔸Taiwan and overseas

Registration Notes

Registration is required for all types of lessons and events.
Themes, time and location are available for negotiation.
Charges will be calculated after discussing the details.

🔸If you have questions or 
need any further information 
regarding custom lessons for 
diverse athletics, please 
contact us at :

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Line@ : https://reurl.cc/MkaY7k

WeChat ID:JAX5688

E-mail : 
[email protected]

Our Mission :


Our Mission :

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Custom Lessons for Diverse Athletics