JAX Baseball Academy
Baseball & Softball

Among all the academies under
JAX, our specialized baseball and
softball training programs are the
best-known lessons. As we all
know, baseball is tough sport with
many aspects for athletes to
combat. Not only do players need
to polish their pitching, batting,
base-running and fielding skills,
they also need to pay attention to
their mentality, strategy, training
methods and development plans in
order to shine on the field.
Therefore, JAX Baseball Academy is
committed to providing the most
effective instruction for each
student’s different conditions. Our
professional and customized
curriculum will meet all your
training needs and become your
most knowledgeable and personal
coach. With our slogan in mind,
our ultimate goal is to let you 
on your baseball journey.

Two-way Communication Custom Curriculums


All customized lessons can be
adjusted in advance of the class
regardless of the number of
students. We will give professional
assistance depending on your
learning progress to design the
most suitable training guidelines.


Individual comprehensive lessons


Individual private coach

Registrations Available for Individuals and Groups of All Sizes


 Baseball and Softball Fielders :
One-on-one training either one lesson at a time or in a

package of lessons.


 Baseball Pitchers :
One-on-one training either one lesson at a time or in a

package of lessons.


Baseball and Softball Fielders :
Groups of 2-5 people


 Baseball Pitchers :
Groups of 2-5 people


Baseball and Softball Fielders :
Groups of 5-10 people


 Baseball Pitchers :
Groups of 5-10 people

Team Training With 10-20 People


Interactive Lectures and Training Program for Schools
or Community Groups

Previous Custom
Group Lessons


Small group long-term development
program for young varsity
team athletes


Community team custom pitching and batting group lessons


Junior and youth player pitching
and batting integrated
group lessons


College team custom pitching and batting group lessons

Custom Baseball and
 Softball Training
 Programs are
Available for

🔸Both male and female

🔸Players of all levels

(The lessons will be fully
customized according
to the player’s level)

🔸Players of Ordinary or Rubber-

ball Baseball and Softball

🔸Players 8 years-old or above

(Please notice us in advance for
discussion if your child is
under 8 years-old)

🔸Players over 50 years-old

(Confirmation of the player’s
physical and mental state and
related responsibilities in case
of accidents should be
discussed in advance)

Fields of
 Lesson Topics 

🔸Single lesson (Ex. Batting,
Fielding, Pitching Control, etc.)

🔸Static / dynamic full-body
technical conditioning training 
for pitchers and fielders

🔸Technical strength training 

(Designed depending
on field conditions)

🔸Lectures on goal and dream

setting, baseball IQ and mentality

🔸For Fielders : Lessons on

comprehensive batting 
mechanics, fielding, throwing,
 and base-running, etc.
 (Further details can be 
discussed and customized)

🔸For Pitchers : Lessons on

comprehensive pitching mechanics,
pitching control, pitching velocity,
breaking balls and other 
technical aspects, etc.
 (Further details such as pitching
and batting strategies, pitch
selection mentality, etc. can be
discussed and customized)

🔸Professional players' physical

and menta l development, 
diet and training plans

Lesson Plans

🔸Single lesson

🔸Long-term Package Lessons 

with Development Plans

Individual Lessons
/ Group Lessons

🔸One-on-one lessons

🔸Small group lessons 
 with 2-5 people

🔸Small group lessons 

with 5-10 people

🔸Large group lessons 

with 10-20 people

 Course Location

🔸Taiwan and overseas

Registration Notes

Registration is required for all types of lessons and events.
Themes, time and location are available for negotiation.
Charges will be calculated after discussing the details.

🔸If you have questions or 
need any further information 
regarding custom baseball 
and softball lessons, please 
contact us at :

WA Business:+886922777680

Line@ : https://reurl.cc/MkaY7k

WeChat ID:JAX5688

E-mail : 
[email protected]

Our Mission :


Our Mission :

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Custom Baseball & Softball Training